Seasons of the Abyss-My Alchemical change Pt 2

Undergoing the process of returning from the Abyss becomes extremely insightful. I refer to the process of detangling. I spent about a year (this time) because I  still needed to learn. I needed to find my will and retain from any mind altering substances which I successfully completed. It is not about the “disease of addiction” this is about changing your behavioral pattern. What do I exactly mean by this, getting in the shower and brushing your teeth with your left hand instead of brushing them outside the shower with your right. It is all the small things, things to some of us that have become challenging. Challenged by “addiction”. I say, with the power of will you can over come the boxed notion that for the rest of your life you will be in recovery. I am recovered! It is a mind frame. That is part of the detangling process and the brain pattern recognition in your head. The mind is a powerful mechanism. Over the course of the two years, I have completely abandoned the outside influences in my life.  This distinguishes me to a pure neutrality. The exuberance of my spirit to be reflected in my work . During this time not only with the most profound psychological weakness but even expression.  Pathological disturbances intellect, even that half-numb state that follows. I organically had returned to my core, as nature intended it to be. The decadence of looking from the natural perspective, the longest training, my truest experience if anything. Revaluation of values was perhaps for me to be alone. I have always instinctively chosen the right against wrenched states. I was finally healthy enough to choose absolute solitude and not be succumbed by distractive entities created by humans. Nonsense. It took a long period of being “sick” but in that period I discovered life anew, including myself. The instinct of self restoration allowed me to carve my true senses in life and continue on a  life of and philosophy of Pathei Mathos. I am always collecting from everything I see, hear, smell, taste, touch, and also my natural ability to instinctively collect my frame of reference as it is presented to me . My brothers, my sisters, my family outside the collective view of human nature has more to learn what that statement exactly means however; I do and I appreciate all life and in return all life as I know it appreciates me. Yes of course there are those fuck bags out there that will never understand the beauty and essence that surrounds them and unfortunately, they will choose their own personal destiny by their instinctive nature that becomes through seals their fate. An organism must first die in order for an organism to renew itself. Nature is here for us to learn to live within her environment and it demands nothing from us but humans demand everything from her. Learning to live with mother nature is one of the most fulfilling and accomplishing factors in my life. I am prepared that if I couldn’t retrieve life sustaining supplies from my local grocery store, I am prepared to live along nature.    




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