“Sinister Awakening” it is a subconscious thought, belief etc; becoming to a conscious one. This depict the stream, flowing, freely without disruption our consciousness, our reality exists independently the experience based upon senses ie; smell touch, site, taste and hearing. Our senses from our primal view. The savage god refers to planet earth and its uncontrolled force that is naturally unpredictable. Perception that is self created, starts to require our energy  actually comes an entity ie; emotion. The two way factor indicates that we have two views, one being our natural view with our natural instincts and then our second view which leads to perception because we are now  distracted by what is around us suggesting other entities.

It is suggested that perception can require us to direct our energy creating an actual entities. These entities created are typically “temporary” created through abstract ideas, emotions, and perception that we have now self made.

We create hate, anger, jealousy, rage, racism, etc; infecting society with false identities challenging the understanding the nature of consciousness. The stream of thoughts that are pure, unaffected as nature intended are now human created entities.

Don’t get to distracted by what is happening in the Tarot card and stay with your natural view. Abstractions are placed upon the experience and completely persuading our natural instinctive image or natural experience of reality by distorting the natural instinctive image or natural experience of reality by distorting the natural instinct view.

I do depict that our ancestors are watching and waiting for us to make the natural decisions. Nature is always renewed after it dies and an organisms must first die. The rebirth is the most important.Image result for sinister tarot cards


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