Physis- Ga Wath am

Physis(Ga Wath Am) Nature latin (Natural) greek- Intrinsic characteristics that plans, animals and other features of the world develop on their own accord.

When nature tries to intervene with natural tears when an over active or stressed in alchemically as excess fire hot/dry. Depicting the sulphur-mercury theory . She is struggling not only internally but with distorted proportions. When sulphur and mercury united in different proportions and in different degrees of purity, the various metals and minerals took shape. If both were pure,when combined in the most equilibrium, the product would be perfect, namely gold. Defects in purity, particularly in proportion lead to formation silver, iron, lead, tin, and copper. Essentially composed of the same constituents as gold the accident of the combination might be rectified by suitable treatment and dry meals of elixirs.

I researched the phrase “Ga Wath Am” which means “The Power Within Me is Great”. I of course took it a step further and believed those were intended to depict the The grouping of 4 Periodic elements. 6d8322b37ba8d74e8244d156608294d9

Periodic Table Information

Ga-31- Gallium
W-74- Tingsten
A-90 degree angle in crystalized state
Th-90- Thoriam
Am-95- Americum

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