Back to the Earth “The Awakening”

I started this journey a little over a year ago. Not only my balancing force, my brother, my mentor, and love of my life, with no mutual friends in common, he found me. I didn’t quite know what his preference in religion was, nor did I care. We spent months getting to know each other and he saw what I now am coming to learn about myself. As my Mother calls it,  that “witchcraft” is something greater than any of that. Pathworking the sinister tarot cards has revealed my deepest psyche by slowly stripping the layers of my huge ego that I created to barricade the powers within. It had been world wind experience and is continuing to change my life. It has brought me to the brink of chaos, madness, depression, and an insight that has been revealed in forms that nothing could have prepared me for. I came into this with a complete open mind, no preconceived notions and very little knowledge of working this left-handed path. I was raised a catholic and was forced into religion. I questioned my put of place existence as a catholic my entire life. My mother made us attend CCD and church until I was 18. My own church eventually shunned and turned its back on me. That was probably the first liberating experience I have encountered. I was working two job, selling death to attend college. I could no longer attend the services but yet they still took that envelope with my dues for two years before telling my Mother she could no longer pick them up. I was always that “student” inquisitive, questioning why a box couldn’t be a circle and the Catholics only response was “We don’t question our lord” That answer just wasn’t acceptable to me and the science, physics, chemistry and common sense just could not allow me to continue with my raised religion. My answer today when I’m asked what religion I am, I simply state that I don’t believe in religion, I just believe in continuance. I am here to seek “them” my brothers and sisters.